The story of a photographer

My name is Noble Assani and I love to write poetry, music, plays, and just about anything that involves WRITING. I have a keen passion and aspiration for photography and I never leave home without my camera. I try to uphold my name Noble Assani Holt, which was given to me by my prestigious father, who expects very PROMISING and POWERFUL things out of me. While my mother, on the other hand, taught me to never throw the stone and hide my hand...So I catch it all on Camera. I firmly believe that without the promotion and constant reminder of LOVE towards "us," or each other, there will be no peace. I don't stand for me, I STAND FOR "WE" always have and I always will.

"What’s it like, to be in love and have that other person love you, too? Is it another level of friendship? Another level of trust, vulnerability, always telling that person your thoughts and feelings, sharing every little thing with them so that you’re so in sync that it’s like you’re one person? Is it like every time you see them, your heart goes wild, and you can’t think because you’re so effing happy? Is it like whenever they’re away, you feel like you’re missing a piece of yourself?" -Kacen Callender


Linda & Sharman

“Today and every day, may you see the magnificent light of Love shining in each other’s eyes. May you know the comfort that comes with the certainty that the one who stands before you is the perfect reflection of your Highest Self. Allow him and allow her to be your most ardent admirer, while letting love be the stone with which you polish yourselves, smoothing away the hardened edges. May you bring out the shadow side of each other and then consign it to the light." -Rev. Edie Weinstein”

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